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How to create your own indoor oasis

How to create your own indoor oasis



bot· a· nist | \ ˈbät-ᵊn-əst, ˈbät-nəst  \

An expert in or student of the scientific study of plants.

Botany is both an art and a science. As early as 221 BC, some of the earliest evidence of botany explored uses and medicinal properties of plants. Studies of the diverse plant kingdom have continued to unlock the human understanding of nature, how we interact with it, how it affects our lives and impacts everything - as food, as materials, as medicine, as the way to sustain our earth. This very science is what today allows us to enjoy a bushwalk on a Sunday or a flower bouquet on Valentine’s Day.  Plants are things we consistently benefit from, things we eat, things we admire, things we enjoy. This is what we celebrate at The Botanist. There is always a way to bring nature into our lives and embrace all that plants and botany represent.

Indoor plants are easy to take care of. Whether in your home or office, try to ensure the plant is near some kind of light source, has appropriate moisture levels in the soil, and has adequate drainage in the pot. Certain indoor plants will have different preferences, which our florists in-store can help with! Be wary of common mistakes such as over or underwatering, inappropriate light levels, or forgetting about them!

Our Queen Street store...

    is a beautiful oasis nestled within the tall buildings and bustling city life. Come and choose a new indoor plant friend, sure to breathe new life into any space. Or even try picking up an indoor plant as a gift. Flowers are often the obvious choice when looking for thoughtful gifts for special occasions for our loved ones, but an indoor plant is also a striking and enduring option, representing life and freshness.

Indoor plants are an ideal way to bring nature into your home or office. Available now at our Queen Street store, our offerings include a diverse selection of stunning indoor plants. Among some of our many indoor plants available are:

The quirky and spiky Aloe Stingray
The mysterious Maranta Tricolour, whose leaves fold together at night.
The whimsical string of pearls.
Exotic cycads.


* Check out our indoor plant selection in our flower shop Auckland at Queen Street and Orakei Bay Village stores. You can also browse our website for flowers Auckland CBD. We offer online flower delivery.

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